March 12, 2021

People come and people go, but God is forever

In our Ecclesiastes, Solomon gives us a brutally honest truth: 

Ecc 1:4  A generation goes and a generation comes, But the earth remains forever.

One of the fallacies that man can fall into is that somehow his generation is more important than others that came before him, we have indeed become incredibly self absorbed since the inception of social media, that can often give us a false sense of self importance; this narrative also exists in movies where the world is about to end, and enter the super hero who saves humanity.   While that is escapist phantasm, there is One Divine Being that can save humanity; and that is Christ, ironically His life was starkly different that the super heros we read about, there was no fancy bat mobile, Jesus’s recorded of mode of transportation, was far more humble, He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.  

Meanwhile, Solomon’s observation that was made millenniums aga, still holds true here in 2021.  People come and go, but the earth will continue to revolve around the sun even after we are long gone.  

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