March 19, 2021

Vanity in knowledge


Ecclesiastes has Solomon telling us that he has seen it all, he has studied the arts, philosophies and sciences and generally immersed himself in all forms of knowledge:

Ecc 1:14  I observed everything going on under the sun, and really, it is all meaningless—like chasing the wind.

The next verse Solomon draws his conclusion after knowing all their is to know: 

Ecc 1:15  What is wrong cannot be made right. What is missing cannot be recovered.

There is no mysterious enlightenment that comes with knowing everything, some things cannot be made right, like human nature.  Century after century man continues to find new and innovative to con and cheat one another!  That lying, cheating, stealing and murderous nature has been with us ever since the fall of Adam in the garden of Eden.  Again, the only thing that can take that curse away is putting our trust in Christ and the unassailable fact that He died for our sins.  

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