April 22, 2021

it’s all about the attitude

In Chapter 3 of our Ecclesiastes Study we have Solomon expounding on the secret to happiness, and it really comes down to attitude:  

Ecc 3:12  I perceived that there is nothing better for them than to be joyful and to do good as long as they live;

Let’s look at this contextually in the text…in the first two chapters, Solomon was going off about how frustrating it was to find happiness.  Solomon also has the benefit of King’s life that is full of experience.  Solomon had access to every vice that was out there, whether it was alcohol, relationships with multiple partners, money…Solomon also tried living wisely, he studied the arts, he built massive structures for the Kingdom is Israel, in essence, Solomon lived what you would call a very “full life”

Solomon thought that one of these different roads he took….whether it was foolish or smart living, at the end, he would find that treasure trove of happiness, like the pot of gold that is supposed to be at the end of the rainbow.  

What was Solomon’s conclusion though?  He said to be joyful, or be happy…this equates to finding joy in even the smallest things in our lives, instead of trying race to the end, we should enjoy the journey.  

Solomon also reminds us to good for as long as we live.  What better way is there to do good, than to live the way God has instructed us to?  the Bible is God’s instruction manual for good living, God sent His Son Jesus into the world to show us the way to proper living, and Jesus came and lived and died for us so we could be forgiven.  Living according to God’s instruction means following Christ, not holding grudges against other and loving our neighbors as ourselves.  

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