April 23, 2021

God’s gift to man

Ending the work week with a good verse here from Solomon as it relates to work in our own lives.  Giving this some context, Solomon is coming to his conclusion on the secret to happiness which is where we left off yesterday.  Today, here is what Solomon says on the keys to a life of fulfillment:

Ecc 3:13  also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil—this is God’s gift to man.

Just to break that down; Solomon says that man should eat and drink and enjoy the pleasures of whetting their appetites, within reason of course.  Let’s make an important note here that Solomon isn’t telling us to go out and be gluttons or drunkards.  

The Word also says man should take pleasure in his work, or enjoy it.  The fact that we can enjoy putting in a days work in whatever we end up doing in this world, is a gift from God.  So the enjoyment we get after clocking out, or finishing a project, or the process of doing the job, that fulfillment is a gift from God, and we should always thank God for it.  Something to think on the next time we sit down for a meal, or when we embark on a task.   These are all gifts from God, so let’s not forget to thank Him!  

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