May 6, 2021

Better to have a little than a lot?

Solomon gives us quite the paradox today; we contrast the lazy person with the one who is always working:  

Ecc 4:5  “Fools fold their idle hands, leading them to ruin.”

Ecc 4:6  And yet, “Better to have one handful with quietness than two handfuls with hard work and chasing the wind.”

On one hand the fool is destined to starve because he refuses to work, but on the other side of the coin, you have someone who is always working, and with that work, comes promotion, and with promotion comes power, but with that power comes responsibility.  And with responsibility, comes worry…and it’s still, as Solomon says, like chasing the wind.  

So Solomon summarizes that it is better to have a little and not a lot, because when you have a lot, the phone never stops ringing!  

This points to the bigger end game in that whether we have none, some or a lot, Solomon still concludes that it is like chasing the wind.  No real contentment is found in any of these pursuits.  The underlying reminder here is that these earthly roads all lead to a dead end, and the only real happiness and peace is found in surrendering something that is not an earthly pursuit, and not being a slave to the world, but rather a slave to Christ which renders an eternal reward.  

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