July 2, 2021

Why does it seem like only the good die young?

Watching the news can be downright depressing sometimes, it seems like bad things are always happening to good people.  In fact, lot’s of atheists use this as a talking point, saying things like if God loves the world, why does he allow so much evil to flourish?  

Solomon had similar thoughts on the bizarre world we live in as we get in today’s verse

Ecc 7:15  I have seen everything in this meaningless life, including the death of good young people and the long life of wicked people.

It can be frustrating sitting back and watching bad things happen to good people, or the good dying young, like the Billy Joey song goes.  

If you try and keep score with all the strange realities that happen every day it can drive someone insane. 

But one unassailable truth is that man is born with original sin, we have seen this throughout the Old Testament narratives with the various kings and characters murdering, lying and stealing, and the same thing continues to happen today.  We use fancy moralistic philosophies to justify our evil deeds, but what one country does to another today, is no different that the oppression that man has committed since the fall in The Garden of Eden.  

The only thing that can take away that sin is Jesus, and God sent Him into the world to carry all our sins on our back and pay for them through His death on the cross. That transaction was good in God’s eyes and God rose Jesus up on the 3rd day, and that reality is corroborated by multiple eye witness accounts through the different Gospels in the New Testament.  

While that may seem far from what today’s original verse intended, that is what we should focus on rather than trying to pull our hair out like Solomon was when he was attempting to figure out why evil people prosper and good people die young.

Another certainty is that this life is coming to an end, but the next one is forever!  

Have a great 4th of July weekend!


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