July 19, 2021

The Benefit Of Wisdom

Our devotional today reminds us that wisdom is what saves us.  Wisdom is Living in fear of The Lord, obeying His commands and not trying to explain away our own bad behavior with some kind of new age psychological cliches.  As sinners, we can woefully get sucked into the new age philosophic and worldly vacuum of these different osis’s and ism’s that are out there that put a relativistic spin on why it is okay to do bad things…or in other words it is okay to engage in sin, when Christ tells us to repent.  

Without getting too far off track, it is important to point out that the path to Wisdom  is through knowing God reigns supreme, and we are to obey Him.  After all, He is driving the bus, not us.  

With that in mind, our subject today; wisdom, is what protects us and helps us make sensible decisions in life and also how to conduct ourselves properly.  

Solomon points that out when someone is dealing with a high government official: 

Ecc 8:5  He who keeps a royal command experiences no trouble, for a wise heart knows the proper time and procedure.

That verse is telling us that someone who is wise knows the time, place and protocol when they are around officials who are of a higher station than we might be.  

Again, we are reminded that those who are in Christ, or Christians have nothing to fear.  

If we look at that in ways that we could embarrass ourselves say in front of a President or a Head Of State in the off chance we sat down to dinner with them, we could make fools ourselves by asking them for favors to enrich ourselves, right?  We could say, “can you cosign this loan with me so I can start up a hotel chain?”  

We could also act the fool around a King or Prime Minister by bragging and trying to put ourselves on the same level as they are.  

Both of those instances are actually addressed in the Bible.  Paul tells the church in Thessalonica not be free loaders, when Paul stayed with them he actually paid his own way.  

And on the subject of bragging, Proverbs, Psalms and many New Testament verses also caution us against boasting.  Think, “let a stranger praise you, not yourself” 

At any rate, there are many ways that we could be in front of an important person and shame ourselves, but as Solomon points out, the wise heart knows the time and place.  

The Christian is humble and cognizant of their behavior, at the end of the day, we are ambassadors for Christ, His light shines through us.   The original blue print for Christian living and God’s Word is through the Bible.  

A former head of state once said; within the Bibles are the answers to all the questions that men face.  Truer words were never spoken. 

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