July 26, 2021

Crime Flourishes When It Goes Unchecked

Ecclesiastes talks on the subject of justice and what happens when there is lack of it:

Ecc 8:11  When a crime is not punished quickly, people feel it is safe to do wrong.

When sin goes unchecked, it spreads like a cancer.  We look back at the wicked Kings of Israel that followed after Solomon, who ironically wrote this verse, idolatry began to creep into Israel, and by the time we get to King Ahaz, the Kingdom is in full blown idol worship.  What would have happened had Solomon or his son Rehoboam made the right reforms once that Baal worship started.  Unfortunately, it went on unrestrained, and finally God handed Israel and Judah over to the Bablyonians and it was what became one of the most horrendous siege’s in all of human history.  

As the verse reminds us, when crime goes unpunished, others see folks getting away with it and they too themselves decide to have a taste.  

You could tie that in to today’s lax laws against crimes.  Back in the days of Mosaic law, if a thief was caught stealing, their hands were cut off.  IF you mention that in today’s culture, it is considered inhumane.  However, crime flourishes nowadays because criminal cases are tied up in courts for years and the bad guys go often go free due to “technicalities”. 

One has to wonder if we introduced Mosaic law today, what that would do to the crime rates.  

Regardless of what part of era we are in, what Paul said back in 1st Corinthians remains true today, a little eaven or (sin) leavens the whole lump.  Once you open the door for the one bad apple, the rest is quickly spoiled.  Crime that goes unchecked is seen by others and is interpreted as free licensure to commit their own wicked deeds freely.  

So harkening back to allowing a little Leaven or a little sin or a little crime, just don’t do it.  A good standard to live our own lives by and for our leaders, lawmakers and judges to think on too.  

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