July 28, 2021

Evil ultimately doesn’t prosper

On the heels of Solomon observing that good things seem to happen to bad people, where the wicked often live long prosperous lives, Solomon ultimately concludes that the righteous are better off 

Ecc 8:13  But it will not be well for the evil man and he will not lengthen his days like a shadow, because he does not fear God.

The evil are not rewarded for their wicked deeds, sure…they may sometimes live to see a ripe old age, but in the great expanse of time, their lives are fractional.  What is a life of 80 years compared to the infinite realm of eternity, which cannot be measured by time?  

Solomon concludes that this happens because they do not fear the Lord, instead they live to please themselves, rambling from one vice to another. 

We can foolishly live to please ourselves day to day, but our days are numbered, meanwhile eternity is, well…endless!  

This should definitely call for an inward look at our own lives, are we falling into sin trying to chase our next high in life?  There are plenty of fixes to pursue, drugs, alcohol, adultery, theft and murder, all these things that man does to enrich himself in our present life…but isn’t it much more sensible to obey God, trust in Christ and have an eternal reward instead of following empty fantasies like temporary wealth that expires when we do?  

In other words, sin may bring pleasure in the here and now, but in the sphere of eternity, it brings punishment…so its ultimately the right one who is better off, not the disobedient sinner.  

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