August 18, 2021

The Road Less Travelled

Solomon gives us some Proverbial wisdom in Ecclesiastes today on the wise man versus the fool:

Ecc 10:2  A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left.

In other words, the wise man takes the correct path, the fool takes the bad road or foolish people make bad decisions. 

Like everything else in the Bible, we can trace this back to sin, a fool is someone who is governed by their fallen nature, their animalistic instincts, and is intent upon satiating their personal desires no matter what the cost.  

We can look to a drunken husband, who had to much to drink one night and made some really bad decisions, maybe they fooled around on their wife with someone else.  That foolish path the husband took for what seemed like momentary pleasure, erupted into a lifetime of pain.  Now his wife has left him and his kids don’t talk to him, and he is broke and homeless because she was awarded the house in the divorce settlement….again, that is the foolish path! 

Christ also speaks about the two different paths when he talks about the narrow gate and the wide gate.  

The narrow gate is often times the road less traveled, it is the life of foresaking sin, putting aside our evil desires that bring dishonor to God, while the wide gate that Christ talks about is a lifestyle that is all about chasing out next high, whether it is booze, sex or money…sadly, the fallen world we live in, is all about the wide gate and not the narrow one….an important reality check when faced with decisions, remember the narrow gate leads to heaven, while the wide gate leads to destruction.

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