August 19, 2021

A Fool Quickly Makes Their Presence Known

Solomon tells us today that the fool’s lack of wisdom is quickly made evident just by their day to day living.  

Ecc 10:3  Even when the fool walks along the road, his sense is lacking and he demonstrates to everyone that he is a fool.

Simply walking down the street the fool makes his foolishness known, usually by drawing attention to themselves.  As we learn throughout the Bible, wisdom is usually synonymous with someone who is more reserved and deliberate in their actions, while the foolish person is loud and boisterous and always doing something to make themselves stand out.  

In today’s climate this is often masqueraded as empowerment or self expression, but the adage that Solomon penned in 700 BC still holds true now, the fool can’t help themselves and must draw attention to themselves by any means necessary, as in “look at me”.  

Flashy lifestyles, with souped up cars and fancy gadgets or  revealing clothes  show that the foolish person needs and craves attention and adoration, because the fool is god in their own, eyes, instead of glorifying their Creator, the fool would rather glorify themselves.  

A fool needs constant attention and will do anything to draw that attention, hence Solomon’s musings that the fool immediately demonstrates to everyone that they are indeed a fool.  

Conversely, the one who lives a low key life that doesn’t require all that attention and validation is much wiser than someone who lives the “all eyes on me” lifestyle.

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