August 24, 2021

What Goes Around Comes Around

God’s Word today warns us against doing things with bad intentions, because as the adage says, what goes around, comes around. 

Ecc 10:8  When you dig a well, you might fall in. When you demolish an old wall, you could be bitten by a snake. 

The Bible tells us that we reap what we sow, because God sits high in the heavens and sees everything, there is no hiding from God.  Our intentions can be masked to other people, but God knows all, Jesus tells us, even the hairs on our head are numbered.  If we consider that for a moment, each person has about 100,000 hairs, now times that by all the people in the world, that should give us an idea of how infinite God’s knowledge is.  

Even in the sports world, it is usually the biggest smack talkers that have the hardest and toughest falls from fame…why?  Because as God’s Word warns us, when we do things with a bad heart, or in the case of the smack talker; a boastful heart, bad things can happen.  

We may think we have our day to day lives mapped out, but we can also get hit by lightening when we leave the house, get hit by a car, or some other really nasty thing can happen to us at the hand of God.  

There is no figuring God out, we can con the world, but there is no conning God.  Best to follow Jesus’s example and live our lives with a selfless heart, rather than a selfish one.  

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