August 26, 2021

God’s Natural Order of The Universe

Some cause and affect today as we read up on Ecclesiastes and how it is relevant to the order that God has put things in:  

Ecc 10:11  If the serpent bites before being charmed, there is no profit for the charmer.

Not sure about you, but I needed a refresher on snake charming, snake charming was something done in ancient Egypt when someone would hypnotize a snake with a wind instrument, that usually looked like a flute.  

Back in the day when Solomon wrote this, snake charmers were typically some type of healer or magicians, and they did this for money, it was a trade, in some places like India and other Asian countries it actually still is.    

So Solomon tells us that if the serpent jumps the gun and bites before it hears the instrument and is charmed, the one doing the charming has no use.  

It would appear that the Word today is calling for a natural order and a linear progression of events in order for things to happen properly. 

We can contrast this with events that are done out of order, the Prophet Agur stated one of the things that makes the earth tremble is the house girl who replaces her mistress.  A modern day comparison of this is when a man leaves his wife for a younger woman.  Sure the man’s lustful desires may be temporarily satisfied, but at what cost?  His family is now broken, and more often than not, the youthful wife ends up cheating on her sugar daddy anyhow with someone her own age.  

Both Agur in Proverbs and Solomon in Ecclesiastes are calling for the natural order of life, trying to take short cuts, or satisfy ourselves through instant gratification often violates the order of God’s law, and we ultimately end up paying the price.  

This is something we should strive to keep in our hearts, because society’s norms are always trying to justify breaking God’s law, one need only watch the news to see all the different ways the world justifies sin and violating God’s law.  

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