August 27, 2021

Speaking Without Thinking

A biblical truth today that rings true in today’s climate of social media: 

Ecc 10:12  Wise words bring approval, but fools are destroyed by their own words.

Fools are destroyed by their own words; how many times in the current cancel culture that find ourselves in, has someone lost a job, or a promotion because of something that they posted online or said somewhere several years earlier?  

There is actually a social media account on twitter that posts all of the bad things that talking heads said about Trump when he was pitching the vaccine, and then now that Biden is promoting the vaccine, this same pundit is telling everyone to take the vaccine.  This is a textbook example of a contemporary fool being destroyed by their own words.  

This is something we should be very careful of, especially today, since the internet is forever.  

A good mantra to live by is given to use in the New Testament; James 1:19 says – be quick to hear, be slow to speak and slow to anger.  

It is very easy to get on social media and blast someone or something out of anger, when we are behind the safety of a computer screen there is literally no instant consequences and we can spout whatever we want, but it can also catch up to us in the end, as Solomon tells us, fools are destroyed by their own words…conversely; wise words bring approval.  Often times the wise person has the least amount to say as well. 

Some good stuff here to keep in mind as we navigate the world through the prism of social media.  

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