September 3, 2021

Biblical Observations On Corrupt Leaders

Today’s verse ties into the corrupt ruler, and how they typically run their governments:

Now before, we get in to the verse, we should give today’s Word some context; 

We recall here that up in Verse 16, Solomon was warning us against bad rulers, saying that leaders who live to please themselves and not their constituents are reflected on the poor provinces that they oversee. 

When you have bad leaders in office, everything and everyone suffers, except life for those at the top.  Hence today’s verse:

Ecc 10:19  A party gives laughter, wine gives happiness, and money gives everything!

Solomon is stating that a corrupt leader’s kingdom hits hard times of their own, rather than address the problems, they typically just throw more parties.  When Rome is burning, just raise the taxes and throw parties with expensive wines, because according to the wicked leader, money solves everything!  Unfortunately, the money that they use to spend on lavish parties comes from the tax payers!  

Meanwhile, a good and righteous leader will address problems head on, instead of throwing parties, they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and fix the problems as part of the jobs that they were elected to do.

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