September 13, 2021

Be Vigilant, But Don’t Be Afraid

Our Word today ironically cautions us against being too overly cautious:

Ecc 11:4  He who observes the wind will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap. 

This is referring to farmers who is too scared of the weathers (wind and rain) and doesn’t plant, in other words reminding us not to live in fear of everything, which can certainly be challenging especially now a days.  

It seems like ever since 9/11 the media has tried to scare us into not wanting to leave our houses, whether it was more terrorist attacks, the world ending tomorrow due to climate change, or most recently, Corona Virus.  Of course, these are all things we should be vigilant of, but as for letting it completely govern our lives so much that we stick our head in the sand, that’s what the Word tells us to avoid.  

The farmer who was too busy trying to find the perfect weather to plant in, never had any crops, because he was always waiting and worrying, just as it is with us; if we let this constant barrage of fear driven stories keep us stuck inside all day, we too won’t have anything to show for our lives, because we spent too much time waiting and worrying like the farmer.  

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