September 29, 2021

God’s Law Keeps Us On Track

In Our Psalms today, we get a glimpse into what kind of behavior a righteous person engages in…keeping in mind here that none of us are truly righteous, Jesus is the only One who was ever without sin, but we also know that to gain wisdom is to live in fear of The Lord per Solomon’s Proverbs…so what is the path to such wisdom and fear of The Lord, well today that is what the Psalmist gets into:

Psa 1:2  But they delight in the law of the LORD, meditating on it day and night.

They delight in God’s Laws…when we think of God’s law, it is usually around the Ten Commandments — and if we think about it, they are a perfect blue print for any of us, most civilizations today are based on the 10 Commandments in one way or another; if we think thou shalt not kill, steal, be jealous etc…but actually, God’s Law goes far beyond the Ten Commandments, looking at the New Testament and Jesus entering time and understanding that He came to die for us is incredibly profound as well.  

God’s law also keeps us on the straight and narrow…if we meditate on it, as in keep in at the forefront of our minds, it will ultimately keep us out of trouble.  What we think are simple things, like letting our eyes linger too long on someone of the opposite sex and start lusting after them, that’s actually a sin, even if it is with our minds, Jesus points that out that thinking about someone lustfully is just as bad as the act of adultery itself!  

Unfortunately, the world and the media platforms completely violate God’s law…most advertising is based on sexual appeal in one form or another…but when we have God’s law in the front of our brains, it guards us against these different temptations that the world tries to lure us into.  The encyclopedia of God’s Law and more imrpotanlty, His Revelation of Himself to us, is found in the Bible.  

So circling back to the Original Psalm…the righteous person delights in the law of the Lord and thinks about it constantly.  We can do this by reading our Bibles, and communing with God in prayer, and that should be something we are always striving to do, not just for 30 minutes on a Sunday…we do that everyday, like the Word Tells us, and we find contentment, contentment that is not found in the things of the world, but rather through God which is beyond the world.  

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