October 8, 2021

Psalms Devotional – Leaders Should Fear God

Another wake up call to the rulers of the earth today ahead of Christ’s Second Coming.  

If we go by what we learned earlier this week, God has pledged the entire domain of the world to His Son, Christ will be King of Kings.  

Today’s Word is a harrowing warning and a wake up call to rulers of the nations of the world: 

Psa 2:10  Now therefore, O kings, show discernment; Take warning, O judges of the earth.

Psa 2:11  Worship the LORD with reverence And rejoice with trembling.

Psa 2:12  Do homage to the Son, that He not become angry, and you perish in the way, For His wrath may soon be kindled. How blessed are all who take refuge in Him!

Unfortunately, as we read this here in 21st century, most of our nations are in open state of rebellion against God.  The triune God is openly mocked, you can’t pray in schools, and the whole separation of Church and State is an argument that has become the center piece of Western Civilization.  Sadly, separation of church and state means taking God out of the government, and today’s Word cautions against that, telling our leaders to Worship God and rejoice with trembling. 

Just some casual observations here and I am certainly no prophet but some facts over the past several hundred years should be laid out.  The nations in the Middle East which don’t worship God are never not in some sort of wartime conflict.  The worst earthquakes and natural disasters of the world seem to hit Asian countries where Buddhism or what the Bible calls idolatry is the central religion and finally right here in the United States, since American schools banned prayer in public schools, school shootings have increased 1464 %.  

Again, I am no prophet lol, but just presenting some facts as to what becomes of nations who choose to disobey God, if this is what happens before Christ gets here the second time, imagine what is wrath will be like when He actually does arrive. 

So again, a wake up call to our leaders, and to us…Trust and Obey God, He is Running the show, and don’t get wooed by the world which is under the power of the evil one.  It’s basically good versus evil or darkness versus light and the only true Light is Christ.  

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