October 15, 2021

Don’t act on your anger.  

Still in Psalms 4 today and we remember that David is putting his wicked accusers in check, keeping in mind that his accusers are bloodthirsty, they are angry, they want to kill him.  

Here is how he mellows out his accusers, some teachable stuff in here for sure as we can relate to when we ourselves get angry

Psa 4:4  Be angry, and do not sin; ponder in your own hearts on your beds, and be silent. 

David is saying, be mad, but don’t act on it, don’t leave your house and turn that rage that you feel into an action that you will regret.  Instead trying to go out and get revenge, stay home in your beds and zip it!  

Wow!  What poignant words from God we get here and can learn from especially in this juncture of civilization.  

Never before was it so easy to lash out at others from the comfort of a smart phone, we can unleash our anger at others without even leaving our house, just laying in bed and we see a news story that triggers us, and we immediately start beefing with someone else in the comment section.  This is another agency that devil uses to seduce our vanities and pit one person’s pride against another.  

David is saying this to enemies, be quiet, don’t sin, don’t put yourself in a situation where you are going to sin, David is telling them, you are better off staying in home, because if you are at home, it’s harder to put yourself in a situation where you can get into trouble!  

In this same way, we can apply this to the toxic culture that we are in where one ideal is constantly warring with another, black versus white, democrrat versus republican, Trump versus Biden…if we listen to what David says, he is telling us, zip it!  Don’t engage, don’t go out and act on your anger.  

How can we apply this in our walk?  If we see something that immediately agitates us, whether it is in the sphere of social media, or maybe just someone cutting us off in traffic…remember what David says, be angry, but don’t lash out.  Don’t reply in the comments, don’t lay on the horn, don’t give the finger because it may feel good in the heat of the moment, but afterwards comes remorse and regret, and most importantly it dishonors God.  God calls for us to be Christlike, that means being humble, being righteous but not self righteous, forgiving our enemies because at the end of the day, He has forgiven us.  

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