October 19, 2021

Tuesday Devotional

A compare and contrast today between the righteous and the wicked, lots of times when we hear the word wicked, we think witches and goobily goblins, but todays verse tells us through some dualism that the wicked are just those who live in doubt.  

Here is the first half of the verse:

Psa 4:6  Many are saying, “Who will show us any good?” Lift up the light of Your countenance upon us, O LORD! 

The masses are saying, life is terrible, there is nothing good here, and no one to give us anything good.  Sounds a lot like atheism, atheists tend to have a rather cynical outlook, as in if God existed, why is there world hunger, earthquakes and sickness.   It is quite hopeless.  If we look for happiness in what the world offers, like money and status, we will only find emptiness.  True Happiness comes through faith…and now enter the righteousness in the latter half of today’s Word:

Lift up your countenance upon us O Lord.

We hear that saying, the righteous live by faith – the righteous call upon God and He is there, it may be not on our terms, but on God’s on terms.  God looks after His own, as Jesus tells us in John 10, I know my sheep and My Sheep know me.  

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