October 20, 2021

Happiness Comes From God Alone, Not Money or Status

A very profound exchange between the Psalmist and God in our Psalms 4 today, David is the author here, and David is speaking directly to God in this verse: 

Psa 4:7  You have given me greater joy than those who have abundant harvests of grain and new wine. 

David is telling God, God, you have given me more joy than any of the treasures in the world can offer…and that really is true Christian contentment.  We are not going to find happiness in the things of the world, even though that is what we are taught to do at such an early age.  

We are raised to think that if we get an education, a good job, make smart investments, are able to afford a nice house and a luxury car, we are somehow going to be happy.  Doing that is the equivalent of what the verse says; abundant harvests of grain and new wine, thinking that if we live “high on the hog” it is going to make us happy…but David says, No!  Only God gives us real happiness.

Even in the New Coveant with Jesus, true happiness is found.  If we think about how often we sin, (and we all do, every day we are breaking at least one of the Ten Commandments), if we had no great advocate in Jesus, we could not know God. 

God who gave us those laws, which we break every day, would have nothing to do with us, but He sent Jesus into the world to make our sins right. 

Through Christ, our debts our paid, and the way to an afterlife is paved, which is definitely cause for relief and celebration, because otherwise we would be in an endless world of pain had Christ not come and died on our behalf, something that would make anyone joyful, much more joyful than this worldly junk that only withers and fades with time.  

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