October 22, 2021

God is the Real King

We open up Chapter 5 of the Psalms today with a prayer to God from David, David who was King of all of Israel;

Psa 5:1  For the choir director; for flute accompaniment. A Psalm of David. Give ear to my words, O LORD, Consider my groaning.

Psa 5:2  Heed the sound of my cry for help, my King and my God, For to You I pray.

Taking special note of how King David humbles himself before God, asking God to hear his words, consider his groaning, listen to the sound of his cry.

David isn’t just repeating a bunch of words, but is making a heartfelt plea to God to hear him out.  

This is some correction and reproof for us, because often times we just go through the motions of praying before dinner or bed with empty words that don’t really have much meaning, it’s something we learned one time in Sunday school but reciting them without actually putting our hearts in it isn’t what David is doing here.  David is pouring his soul out to God, begging God for help.

We also take note of the final verbiage here, David says My King and My God.  This is a King, King David who ruled all of Israel, submitting to God, King of Kings.  

That gives us some perspective in how God reign supreme, above all heads of state.  These days, we elevate our leaders to almost god-like status, they are practically rock star celebrities that we fawn over, think about the political rallies, but leaders are just men, and just as prone to sin as we are, the real leader that we should be following is God, and hope and pray that our leaders and heads of state submit themselves before God like King David did.


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