October 25, 2021

Psalms Chapter 5 Verse 3 – The Importance of Proper Prayer

Good instruction in our prayer life in today’s Psalms 

Psa 5:3  O LORD, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch. 

David made it a habit to pray every morning before he started the day, and these were meaningful prayers, David would pray and then wait, which demonstrates his faith in God, he would make a request and then wait for God to intervene.  

From this we can learn that David didn’t just pray based on emotions, for instance, some tragedy had befallen him, and then now he wants to go to God in prayer…instead, David communed with God every morning, and that’s how we should approach the throne of God; regularly, not just when we need him the most.  

When we go to God, we should also do so in faith — like David did here, the language says that David would wait for God after his prayer, which underscores how strong David’s faith was and how strong our faith should be!  

Speaking of faith, the devil likes to come at us and sew seeds of doubt as a means to decrease our faith in God, one of the things that we should regularly pray for is strength in our seasons of unbelief.  While the evil one may be trying to get us to slip and stumble, conversely, God The Almighty is always with us ready to intercede on our behalf!

So to summarize today’s Psalms; pray regularly, every day, not just when bad times befall us, and when we pray, pray with faithful hearts and if we struggle in lacking faith, ask God to give us faith, He gives generously to those who ask. 

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