November 10, 2021

God Is Our Refuge

We have all fallen on bad times in one form or another, where our mental health is challenged, and there are all sorts of habits and addictions that are out there to give us some kind of escape from whatever we are going through.  Drugs, alcohol, medicines, prostitution, internet porn etc…all forms of “escapism” that we think will protect us and offer us relief from whatever problem we are currently facing, and scratch that itch that we seem to have.  

Today’s Word tells us that the only true protection we get is from God: 

Psa 7:10  My shield is with God, who saves the upright in heart.

Those other quick fixes out there like drugs and alcohol and all the other vices might offer instant gratification, but they all come with some kind of a price tag that leaves us worse off that we were before…God’s Love on the other hand is a free gift through His Son Jesus and is eternal.

As the Word says “My Shield is with God, who saves the upright in heart”.  

The upright in heart being those who come to Christ with repentant hearts or who are humbled by the weight of their sin and know that the only answer for that sin is Christ’s work on the cross.  

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