November 12, 2021

Psalms Chapter 7 Verse 11

Today’s Psalms remind us that while we may see the wicked prosper in this life be it through corrupt governments, often unfair court verdicts or one sided stories…at the end, it is God, who will ultimately have the last say: 

Psa 7:11  God is an honest judge. He is angry with the wicked every day. 

Again, while we can often times be disappointed by other people’s false accusations and their opinions that are based on false or biased testimony, God is the ultimate judge.  With God, There are no alternative facts, biases, or one sided stories.  

He sees it all and will judge each of us according to our deeds.  (Romans 2:6) 

Evil people may seemingly do well in this life, but one way or another, they will have to answer to God.  

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