December 1, 2021

Look To God For Righteousness, not the state

Today’s Psalms continue on the narrative that God is the only perfect arbiter of justice.  We often look to our governments to do things fairly but they don’t.  They may say they do, they may campaign on platforms of fairness, but just as man is flawed from the curse of the garden, so are our politicians.  The only One who is without sin is the triune Godhead.  

Our verse today reminds us that God’s holy judgements are universal – God misses nothing and no one gets a pass

Psa 9:8  And He will judge the world in righteousness; He will execute judgment for the peoples with equity.

We hear that term equity being used a lot, a means that governments practice to make an equal playing field for all, but as we pointed out earlier, man will never get it right, but God will.  The only fair and flawless judgements come from God.  We should not look to the government for fairness and righteousness, instead look to God, because God is perfect unlike our Governments.  

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