December 13, 2021

Monday Psalms Devotional for December 13th

Stern warnings in today’s Psalms that give us a cause and affect as it relates to us and the governments that rule us:

Psa 9:17  The wicked will go down to the grave. This is the fate of all the nations who ignore God.

Yikes!  Hell is what awaits those who turn their back on God…in other words God will in turn, turn his back on countries that mock God.  The Word tells us that God will not be mocked.  

Our country is in a sad state right now now that God has been removed from government, people celebrate the separation between church and state, but at what cost?  

If we look at the last 50 years, Western Culture has become increasingly violent and morally bankrupt.  School shootings and suicides are at all time high.  One can only assume that these harrowing realities are due to the fact that as the Word says, the fate of the nations who turn their back on God. 

While our governments may openly mock God, we as individuals don’t have to follow their lead, it is never too late to confess Christ to and trust and obey Him.  

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