January 26, 2022

Our Great Protector

A good Psalms for us to remember when we have our backs against the wall, God is in control: 

Psa 16:1   Preserve me, O God, for I take refuge in You.

O God – King of Kings, Ruler of Rulers, Divine Almighty, He who sits in the heavens and looks down on all of this, I take refuge in you – I surrender to you, I know God, that you are supreme over all of these trials that I face in life, I know that these troubles that I am dealing with are Your will, I cast these troubles upon you, for I know that these problems were ordained by you.  

We may be going through high tide right now where the seas of life are rough, but guess what?  The tide goes out too, and more importantly God made the tide!  When we surrender these problems to the Creator of all of it, knowing that He created the good days and the bad days of our lives, and realize that these are situations that He controls, not us. 

Peter tells us this much in His Second letter in verse 7 – having cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares about you.

 In other words, let go and Let The Triune God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, handle it.  

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