February 7, 2022

Monday Devotional for February 7th, 2022

As David continues in his prayer before God, David goes to God knowing that God is the ultimate arbiter in fairness because God sees all:

Psa 17:2  Declare me innocent, for you see those who do right. 

David’s position here is that he knows that he is innocent, those around David (his persecutors) might be bringing false charges against David, but God sees in the heart of everyone, God knows the motives of man. 

Lots of times in this day in age, especially in the era of social justice, politicians masquerade as crusaders for the poor, but their end game is to enrich themselves, whether it is through power or money or both, and voters don’t always see that.  

However, David says to God in today’s Psalm: You see those who do right.  So if someone’s cause is truly just, like David’s was at the time of this writing, God sees that, on the other hand, if someone’s motives are based off of a crooked heart, well God sees that too.  


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