March 7, 2022

Psalms 18:32 – Staying On The Straight And Narrow Through God’s Word

Back into our Psalms on this fresh week and we get a good insight into God’s will and how God’s Word keeps us out of trouble:  

Psa 18:32  ….our God(v31) –  the God who equipped me with strength and made my way blameless.

David is saying God endowed me with strength, instead of saying, look what I did, David is saying, look what God allowed me to do.  Acquiescing to the fact that God made it happen, not David.  Lots of times when someone does really well in sports, they tend to pat themselves on the back, which is foolish, if everything is according to God’s will, than our triumphs come from God, it is God who gives us the strength to these things, not us.  

The second half of the verse says God made my way blameless, or kept me out of trouble.  What a great call this is for us to get into the Bible.  How do we know what pleases God unless we understand the mind of God, what pleases Him and what angers Him?   It is in the Bible, which is God’s revelation of Himself to us.  The secular world, the world where there is a separation of church and state has all sorts of things that are legal in a humanistic sense, but biblically they are big ‘no-no’s” a lot of things which are openly celebrated today are things that anger God!  So how do we make our ways blameless?  We get into the Bible, reading it every day, and it shows us the do’s and don’t’s; and it also shows us how a lot of those don’t’s – we get up to everyday.  In other words, it shows us our sinful ways, and it shows us a path forward by following HIs Son, and how the way to the Father is through The Son.  It’s all there, so let’s not forget to read our Bibles!  


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