March 11, 2022

Psalms 18:36 – God Keep Us From Slipping

Some more colorful symbolism here today that gives us some understanding on how God protects us: 

Psa 18:36  You enlarge my steps under me, And my feet have not slipped.

Large feet ensure that we don’t slip, if we look in the animal kingdom at the clumsiest animals, they are ostriches or giraffes, who typically have smaller feet relative to the rest of their bodies…so smaller feet have a tendency to slip and fall, the language David uses today is that larger steps ensure that we have a much lesser chance of falling.  The more stable something’s base is, the less likely it Is to fall over, in this case; our bases, or our feet, our foundations are sturdy enough that we don’t slip, and fall.  God’s Word does just that, it points out the sin in the world, and more importantly shows us how to avoid it, and we do that through obedience, but how do we know what to obey, unless we emerge ourself in God’s Word.  Another great call to action here that reminds us we should always stay in the Bible, everyday so that we have a strong base, and don’t slip into sin.



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