March 28, 2022

God’s Law Gives Happiness and Understanding

Our Psalms today reveal two beautiful things that happen to us when we keep our noses in the Bible

Psa 19:8  The precepts of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart; The commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes. 

God’s law is right, as in it is not wrong, it is the ultimate measuring stick for good and evil, if we are confronted with a problem in our lives and are unsure of what to do, the answer will always be found in the Bible.  

Furthermore, today’s verse tells us that God’s law does 2 things; it rejoices the heart and enlightens the eyes, or gives us happiness and understanding.  

The happiness comes from knowing that God sent His Son to die on our behalf so that we can have fellowship with God in the life after this one and be forgiven of our sins, which are no longer counted against us.  

The enlightenment of our eyes of understanding refers to how God’s truth gives us a new perspective of how the world works, insofar as it is as evil, but we as Christians are just temporary passengers, traveling from one place to another, through this life, which is seemingly full of evils and disappointments, but onto the next life which is eternal paradise free from sin and the wicked things that are found in this world we are currently traveling through.  

Happiness and understanding are what happens when we take in God’s Word.  

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