March 29, 2022

Tuesday Devotional For March 29th, 2022

Good reminders in today’s Word that God’s laws last forever— 

Psa 19:9a  Reverence for the LORD is pure, lasting forever. 

Reverence for the Lord, means worshipping God, and when we worship God, we are keeping His commandments and those commandments like everything else God says or does, last forever.   God’s commandments, just like His Covenant promises do not change, as the Word says, they last forever.  What God said back in the days of Abraham and ancient Israel have not changed here in 2022.  The good news is also realized that those who trust in His Son Jesus will have eternal life, again just like God’s commandments, do not change.  

Humanity may change their definitions of what is right and wrong over time, because we are dumb and fickle creatures, but our Creator’s laws stand forever.  God is unchanging and eternal! 

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