April 7, 2022

Psalms 20:2  Help From God’s Holy Places

Continuing on with today’s wartime Psalms which was given agains the backdrop of a battle that was to take place the following day, the prayer asks God to send us help from the Holy Places:

Psa 20:2  May He send you help from the sanctuary And support you from Zion!

The holiest places of the Lord are where He dwells, Zion refers to ancient Jerusalem which was the capitol of Israel, where God’s holy people lived, and the sanctuary could be His Temple or The Ark of The Covenant.  Back when Israel was invading Canaan, the Ark Of the Covenant was used in subduing enemies or drying up riverbeds so that Israel could cross over them without drowning.  God’s Holy place ensured the safety of Ancient Israel, so as we read in today’s verse, it makes sense for them to appeal to God’s Holy Place for assistance in battle.  

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