April 13, 2022

Psalms 20:7-9 – Trust in The Lord, Not The World

Finishing out the battle Psalms today and some interesting parallels between wicked nations back then, and the foolish and wicked ways of some today:

Psa 20:7  Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

Psa 20:8  They collapse and fall, but we rise and stand upright.

Psa 20:9  O LORD, save the king! May he answer us when we call.

If we look at verse 7, the scripture says, some nations boast in chariots and horses, which is similar to these military parades that we see, North Korea and China like doing this where they have these massive tank parades and will even roll out these huge missiles and rockets while they have legions of soldiers marching in unison around them as means of puffing up their chests.  America is not immune to this either, we had a similar 4th of July parade a few years back where we did the same thing, basically showing off, and doing what these foolish nations did back when this Psalm was written “trusting in their weapons”,—

…but let’s look what the following verse says about these boastful and braggadocio nations:

“They collapse and fall!”

Why?  Because they trust in their materialistic weaponry, rather than trusting in God!  

The righteous put their trust in God, and today’s Word tells us, they rise and stand upright, or in other other words; they win the war!  

If we look across time, God is undefeated, so as today’s Word tells us, trust in God, not man, or man’s technology, that stuff rots over time, malfunctions; let us not get to boastful and full of ourselves with these technological advances that we make, because God can wipe us out with a single breath, so again we are reminded to trust and obey God, and not get too proud of boastful of ourselves.  Humbling reminders here for sure!


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