April 18, 2022

Psalms 21 Verse 5 – Christ’s Work; not ours

Talking about the King’s adornments on the heels of a decisive victory, and today we have the Psalms giving glory to the One who gave the King glory here:

Psa 21:5  His glory is great through Your salvation, Splendor and majesty You place upon him.

The King enjoys glory as he is able to emerge to victor from the battle, but the reality is that God allows Him the victory. 

Some parallels here too in the Resurrection and the riches we are able to enjoy and also the King living in glory after winning the war. 

Christ’s work on the cross is what makes us right in the eyes of God.  Once we are in Christ, and declare Him as King by trusting in The Gospel, the fact that Jesus came, became sin, and rose up on the 3rd day, takes our sin away, and makes us acceptable according to God.  We were dead in sin before any of that happened, but that sin is removed through Christ’s death and ressurection.  

The original Psalm today says, the King’s glory is great through God’s salvation, just as our glory is great when the sin is removed from Christ’s work on the cross — Carefully noting here that it is God and Christ who do the heavy lifting, allowing the King to win the battle in the original Psalm, and removing our sin through the New Covenant. 

His work, not ours; which should keep us humble, because we didn’t deserve any of it,  but are the blessed beneficiaries of it.  

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