April 26, 2022

Psalms 22 – Messianic Psalms

Psalms 22 verses 2 through 5 cover more of the anguish that Jesus bore on the cross for us, this is considered a Messianic Psalm, because while it was written by David, it actually reveals the suffering that Christ would later suffer:

Psa 22:2  O my God, I cry by day, but You do not answer; And by night, but I have no rest.

Psa 22:3  Yet You are holy, O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel.

This gives us a sense of the despair that Jesus felt as He was dying for us, He also appeals to God to deliver Christ like God delivered Ancient Israel from their enemies like the Phillistines or the Egyptians.  

Psa 22:4  In You our fathers trusted; They trusted and You delivered them.

Psa 22:5  To You they cried out and were delivered; In You they trusted and were not disappointed.

Christ was also delivered when He was risen up on the 3rd day, while He had undergone unimaginable pain and suffering, Christ did not stay in the grave!  

AS these Psalms reveals the literal agony of Christ’s death, we should not miss the reason that HE died.  Christ was perfect, HE had never committed a sin, so why was He crucified? 

In those 6 dreadful hours, Christ became sin; specifically our sin – and that tortured that Jesus went through when He hung on the cross for 360 minutes straight was God pouring out His wrath on our sins…because God cannot let sin go unpunished.  If God did just turned His back on sinners and let them go on without any kind of penalty that would make God unholy, which can’t be…which is why Christ became our substituionary atonement, or literally became sin for those 6 hours, in order to balance the scales or pay the debt that our sin built up. 

The crucifixion of Jesus was made on our behalf, so that God wouldn’t have to banish us to hell for our sins; Christ became a sacrifice – The Perfect Sacrifice because God accepted Him on the 3rd day when Jesus was risen up.  So as we reflect on this intense torture that Jesus underwent, we should also remember that HE did for us.  He knew who we were before time began, and gave this way forward to redeem HIs children, us, so He wouldn’t have to punish us eternally…it is what sets us right in God’s eyes.   

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