May 6, 2022

Psalms 22:19-21 — Christ’s Final Moments

Psalms 22 show the waning moments of Christ’s earthly life here as He was on the cross, given to David from the Holy Spirit, foretelling the exact circumstances that Christ would later suffer on our behalf: 

Psa 22:19  O LORD, do not stay far away! You are my strength; come quickly to my aid!

Psa 22:20  Save me from the sword; spare my precious life from these dogs.

Psa 22:21  Snatch me from the lion’s jaws and from the horns of these wild oxen.

Noting verse 20, where The Psalmist and later Christ tell us save me from the sword, the Sword was a metaphor for the government at the time; Pilate and the Roman soldiers who carried out what the Jews desires to have Christ crucified.  

It is hard to think of darker circumstances that Christ could have endured, being surrounded by mockers, and He was without sin, yet falsely accused and convicted by the government at the time, having no where else to turn to put to God above.  

We can an only imagine a similar situation with us, where we are persecuted by others and can get no help from the courts or the governments, and Christ was completely innocent, the spotless lamb, had He actually sinned, he would not have been an acceptable offering, and not been risen up on the 3rd day.  

While these are some harrowing details for sure, it is also part of God’s plan of redemption for us.  Just like in Mosaic law, the atoning sacrifice for sin was a spotless lamb, and God would accept ancient Israel’s offering and take away their sin debt, provided the sacrifice was with out blemish.  Fast forward now to the New Covenant,  where Christ now becomes the spotless lamb for our sin, and again, we know He was without sin, because God accepted the sacrifice and emptied Christ’s grave.  

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