May 26, 2022

Proverbs:26:20 – Gossip leads to fighting

Good stuff in our Proverbs today that reminds us not to gossip, which is something we are likely all guilty of.  At one point or another we gossip, even following the news is a form of gossip, it is just real life soap opera, and then it is exasperated through the comments section on social media, so with that said – here is God’s Word on the subject of Gossip: 

Pro 26:20  Fire goes out without wood, and quarrels disappear when gossip stops.

A fire needs fuel to burn but without wood, the fire goes out…meanwhile, gossip is what fuels fights.  

The he-said/she-said has really gotten bad in the last couple of years, even with our political parties that use gossip to co-opt political capital.  Politicians say and do some of the most wicked things to fire up their supporters and alienate others.  If we look at presidential politics most campaigns are built on bad mouthing the guy who came before, Biden is a response to Trump, Trump was supposed to do away with Obama’s policy, Obama was going to stop the Bush Wars, Bush had 9/11 because Clinton was soft on terror, we can go on…and now today we are more divided that we have ever been before because of gossip and negative comments that are passed from one person or in this case political party to another. 

While most of us are not at a station in life where we can change political conversations, the subject of gossip is still something that is very local to us, gossip at the workplace or gossip among family members can be incredibly divisive and create major conflicts with those who we love and who we work with everyday.  But as the Proverb states, for fights to carry on, they need gossip…but if we cease to gossip and bad mouth others, then this infighting may cease.  Our politicians might not realize this, but it is certainly something that you and I can control in our own individual walks.  

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