June 21, 2022

Pro 21:31  – The Victory Belongs To The Lord

A relevant Proverb today as it relates to war, and with everything happening in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, we learn that victory is to be ultimately determined by God:

Pro 21:31  The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD.

The horse is weaponry…and these days there is all sorts of sophisticated weaponry, we can now launch attacks on people and places from remote control aircraft that is piloted from the safety of an underground dwelling 6 continents away, technology has certainly come a long way from the chariots and horses that we read about in the Bible, but that should not make armies arrogant either, because as the Proverb tells us, victory belongs to the Lord!  

In just one breadth, God could rise up a massive solar wind from the sun that could wipe out every thing that is powered by electricity, without power, those unmanned drones that can drop bombs suddenly are just junk without power!  God could also send an astroid to wipe us all out, the things that God can do to humble us are endless, and far more mighty than anything we can do on the field of battle.

So as today’s Proverbs reminds us, as does most of the Bible, God is Holy, God is sovereign and God is greater than man, which again points to a high and holy view of God and a low view of ourselves.  In other words, God is greater than man, or the Creator exceeds His creation. 

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