July 12, 2022

Proverbs 12:16 – The Wicked Broadcast Their Anger 

Pro 12:16  A fool’s anger is known at once, But a prudent man conceals dishonor.

A foolish person or a wicked person cannot contain themself, they have to broadcast their outrage.  

A wise man though keeps the poker face and doesn’t fly off the handle.  

You can also tie this into swearing, someone who can’t keep their rage in check tends to swear a lot, dropping F-bombs when something breaks or doesn’t go their way or calling someone who upset them a curse word behind their back or to their face, today’s Proverb tells us, these are hall marks of a foolish person.

On the other hand, as our Proverbs so wonderfully does – while it shows one end of the spectrum, in this case the angry fool, it also gives us the polar opposite; the prudent and God fearing person keeps their feelings to themself, because in the end that person knows that whatever vexing situation is at hand, it is God’s will, God is sovereign and God predetermined our circumstances before the universe was ever formed.  

Good words to live by, especially in our everyday lives where a situation challenges us, we remember the fool can’t keep their cool, but the wise person is able to conceal their emotions.  

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