July 21, 2022

Thursday Proverbs – No Hiding Sin From God

Today’s Proverb tells us God sees all, even when our leaders and judges and law enforcement don’t, or turn a blind eye to wickedness, God does not and moreover God will bring a wrecking ball upon them.

Pro 21:12  The Righteous One observes the house of the wicked; he throws the wicked down to ruin.

In many civilizations, bribes and graft and cronyism rule the day…that saying; the rich get richer comes to mind, and often the regular Joe’s feel helpless while there is corruption all around them.  

Today’s Word assures us that while the higher ups may look the other way because they got a pay off, God does not look the other way, the text says “God observes them” or God is looking right at them, they may hide their wickedness from man, but there is no hiding it  from God.  

Even scarier for those folks, is God throws them down to ruin.  That is bad situation to be in for sure!  A lot of these people who live high on the hog from dishonesty tend to be arrogant and haughty…God hates all of that, and today’s text says, they are in for a rude awakening.  It might not be in this life, but God will render every an according to His deeds.  The only way forward is to declare Jesus as Lord, and that is not done just by praying on Sunday’s, God prefers obedience over sacrifice, when we say Jesus is Lord, that means we are to follow Him, and Jesus tells us to turn from our sinful ways, or to repent!  That means, stop getting up to the bad stuff we are doing, because death comes like a thief in the night.  You could be living the good life now, and think you’ll get right with God on your own terms, but what happens when you die of a heart attack tomorrow?  That may sound harsh, but death is the one thing that man does not control, we may predict everything else, but we cannot predict on how we enter or leave this world, that is done on God’s terms, and more importantly. This world is only temporary, the next life is forever.  Christ tells us, the only Way to The Father is through The Son, so Listen to the Son, repent, know that He came and died for our sins, and stop sinning and stealing!  

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