July 27, 2022

Proverbs 27:20 – Human Desire Is Never Satisfied

Pro 27:20  Sheol and Abaddon are never satisfied, Nor are the eyes of man ever satisfied.

Sheol and Abbadon mean hell and destruction and the word says Hell is never full, and interestingly the next part of the verses speaks about human desire; the eyes of man are never satisfied, which suggests that greed is tied to eternal damnation.  

If we think about the greediest people we know, they are usually already high in status, be it wealth or power, but they are not satisfied by their wealth and need to have more wealth.  Politicians that are elected to office have power, but that isn’t enough, they have to money and power and end up making shady deals and taking bribes to get money while they have power, because one isn’t enough, such is the case with human desire and human depravity, that nature that all of us have inherited from the Adam and Eve when they got thrown out of the Garden of Eden!  But what is scary, is that God’s Word today in one verse ties in human desire not being fulfilled, to hell not ever overflowing.  The reality is, we can make all this fortune and fame in this life, but what does it mean in the next?  God is not going to let someone into heaven because they have the largest bank account, and it is a sad state of affairs, because this greed is what separates them from God.  We remember Jesus and the rich ruler, the rich ruler says, teacher what do I need to do to get into heaven, and Jesus said sell everything you have and give it the poor, and the rich ruler walked away crying because he loved his wealth so much, he couldn’t part with it. 

Now it is easy for us to point the finger and people who are richer than we are and say, this applies to them, but this also applies to us too.  Human desire is not exclusive to just rich people, it is everyone of us who came from Adam and Eve, the whole human race.  IT is sin, and the only One who shows us our sin and takes that sin away is Jesus.  WE gotta remember what He tells us, do not store up our wealth here on earth which will just rot and fade away, instead store up our time and resources into heavenly places that are eternal!  

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