July 28, 2022

Thursday Devotional – July 28th, 2022

A good compare and contrast in our Proverbs that show us the narrow vs the wide gate that Christ speaks on in the Gospels:

Pro 28:6  Better is the poor who walks in his integrity Than he who is crooked though he be rich.

Walking in integrity is often not the easy road to take, often we have to tell people things they don’t want to hear, we have to be honest, and we can’t get by through telling little white lies.  

However, our Proverbs says this person who is poor, but honest, is better off that the dishonest rich man.

The dishonest rich man is often boastful, cunning and oppressive to the poor, all things which God hates.  

If there is one thing we learn about in the Bible, God humbles the proud, but raises up the lowly.  Jesus, the Ruler of the universe came was a homeless carpenter by trade, born in a barn, far from rich, but He is the Son of God!  Lowly by earthly standards but exalted by heavenly standards when He beat both sin and death on the 3rd day.  

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