September 8, 2022

Ecc 3:17 In due season God will judge everyone, both good & bad

Living in a fallen world where it seems like good things happen to bad people can be frustrating. 

It’s even more exaggerated with social media where we have a window into the lives of others, and it seems like wicked people are often rewarded for their bad behavior. 

On the other hand living a righteous, low-key and humble life may seem burdensome at times, especially in a broken world where it seems like evil flourishes.  Today’s verse puts all of that in check though:

Ecc 3:17  I said to myself, “In due season God will judge everyone, both good and bad, for all their deeds.”

God has appointed a time for everything as learned from our earlier verses, a time for love, a time for hate…

Today’s scripture also shows us that God has also made a time where all accounts will be settled, both for the good and for the evil. 

It might not happen the way we want it to, but truth be told, we have no say in the matter, God who is infinitely wiser than we are, will settle all these accounts on God’s on time, not ours.  

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