September 23, 2022

Ecclesiastes 5:3 – Finding Balance In Our Lives

Harmony, balance and simplicity concept. A stone pyramid on the background of river water. Simple poise pebbles, rock zen sculpture, a tower from river stones

Today’s Word deliver some important reminders for us in our speech, and also just something we can relate to in general. 

Ecc 5:3  Too much activity gives you restless dreams; too many words make you a fool.

If you have ever gotten caught up in a job or a drama, or just some kind of stimulus that eats up so much of the day, there’s a good chance that whatever that “thing” is, it ends up in our dreams too.  

Personally, I have worked long hours during some kind of emergency, and then when I finally get to sleep, I don’t escape from it when I close my eyes, because the lingering adrenaline pops up in my dreams.  

I don’t think Solomon is telling us not to be active, but to approach life in a measured way, and not over obsess about things that God ultimately has control over.

The second half of today’s verse “too many words make you a fool” is another bullseye, we all know that one person who posts too much on social media, in fact, sometimes we have found ourselves being that chatterbox.   Like the saying goes, “sometimes less is more”

We can’t put our foot in our mouths if you don’t open our mouths.  Instead of constantly reacting to all the noise that is around us with more noise, it is often best to just sit back and quietly observe rather than spouting off, trying to one up someone else with a “hot take” on whatever the news of the day is.


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